Weather Now

Weather is fickle. For that reason, we furnish the latest up-to-date local conditions. Whether for our guests, visiting astrophotographers or wethers, you have the Weather Now. Several satellite feeds and our own local weather station will aid you to anticipate what type of weather to expect locally. 

For a long range forecast, we suggest that you use Weather Underground  for Marathon, TX.

Current Conditions

Marathon Remote Imaging Observatories

NOAA Current Cloud Satellite Data
 of North America


Current Satellite Cloud Data of North America

* Dark Texas Skies


North Auroral Forecast Image

Aurora Forecast

Northern Hemisphere

The Aurora Borealis is a rather violent astronomical event. Energized particles from the Sun slam into Earth’s upper atmosphere at speeds upward to 45 million mph. However, Earth’s magnetic field guards us–unless there is another Carrington Event like that occurred in 1859, which was the most intense and dangerous geomagnetic storm in recorded history. The Aurora Forecast map is courtesy of NOAA Space Weather Protection Center.

Clear Sky Chart

As an extra aid, the chart below indicates what our seeing conditions are forecasted for tonight and the near future. At a glance, it indicates when the weather will be clear or cloudy for the next few days. Click on the chart for further information.

Clear Sky Chart for Marathon, TX