Venue is limited to 20 on-line guests each night, including children.

Dress appropriately for the weather, as the star party takes place outdoors.

Star parties are approximately 2 hours in length and are fun for the entire family.

Reservations are not required for attending Dark Texas Skies’ star party unless your party is 10 people or more, including children. We want to make sure that everyone is properly accommodated.

We offer a 20% group discount for each adult when your party has 10 adults or more. Remember, children under 18 years old are always free. Admission is $10.00 cash for each adult, unless your party has 10 people or more. Then admission is $8.00 for each adult. If you have any questions, feel free to call 432-249-0315 to have your questions promptly answered. We’ll see you there!

NOTE: A star party is an outdoor event. Thus, it may have to be cancelled because of inclement weather such as windy conditions (10+ mph), cloudy/overcast skies, thunder & lightening or rain. Feel free to call us at 432-249-0315 for updates.

Please provide below the details about your group. A Dark Texas Skies’ representative will follow up to assist with your reservations. This form does not obligate you to purchase passes and does not constitute a reservation. Please make your reservations at least 72 hours in advance.