Moon Phase Calendar

If you are thinking about travelling to Dark Texas Skies or another dark sky area, then use these handy visual calendars below and make sure to verify what nights are best to be at your location. It is also good to plan to be at your location for several days just in case the weather is not cooperating with your comic adventure.


Green Marker

A green marker indicates a good night for astronomy (weather permitting). The Moon will be visible later in the night, if at all. The star bands of the Milky Way are easily visible, as well as galaxies, globular clusters, open & close clusters and nebulae.

Yellow Marker

Because of the Moon’s increasing brilliance with each passing night between the New Moon and the Full Moon, the fainter celestial objects proportionally become more difficult to see. Only the brighter globular clusters, open and close star clusters can be enjoyable. 

Red Marker

The nights that are marked red indicate that almost every beautiful object in our night sky is washed out because of the brilliance of the moonlight. During these nights, we will take the opportunity to observe more and discuss the importance of our beautiful and bright Moon for our planet.

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